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Nicolas Pilartz

The owner of the Eden Center on initiation in Breatharianism.
Come and join us for a 7 day guided journey with the presence of experienced Breatharians & like minded souls coming to Russia.

Whether you are stepping into this realm for the first time or you are a seasoned practitioner, our process caters to all. Under the guidance of our skilled facilitators -Nicolas Pilarz and Raffaella Galoppi from the unique Eden Pranic Center, with more than 11 years of practicing and guiding Breatharian processes- embark on a journey tailored for every experience level, a safe, gentle and gradual Breatharian Initiation.

A Breatharian initiation process is not about dropping your nourishment - it's about receiving from a pure source - the life force that you are !
Each day of this process will be an opportunity for you to discover the potential power within you and your cells to heal and regenerate towards supreme health and wellbeing.
It's not an overnight transformation - it's a lifestyle & therefore we make it safe, sustainable and beneficial by adding liquids with calories to love & nourish our cells even more.
We know that for you the real journey starts after the 7 days of this process. That's why our process is maturely designed in a way to guide you about how to integrate this in your day-to-day life.

This way you will realize that there is a middle way to reach the state of supreme health, unconditional happiness & complete harmony.

Advance booking
Early Bird Special : Secure your spot now and benefit from our limited-time offer! Book in advance for just €100. On-location registration will be €150.

Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique journey. All sessions will be in English, with translations available in Russian.

Reserve your place today on our website or during our online conference!
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